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PABLO ZAPATA Filmmaker and musician from Venezuela based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He studied Arts and Film at the Universidad Central de Venezuela. His current work is based on an artistic investigation about the Perception of Identity and Time that characterizes the migratory process in the current Venezuelan Exodus. His cinematographic work has been exhibited and awarded in numerous festivals around the world such as the Human Rights International Festival of Buenos Aires, FINCA International Environmental Film Festival, Industry Boost Competition, Rural Film Festival Arica Nativa, Nottingham International Microfilm, Voices From the Waters International Film Festival, among others. 


For several years he has worked as a Human Rights Volunteer in Venezuelan Prisons as a filmmaker and Instructor of Penitentiary Film through the Waleker Cineclub, directed by the well-known documentary filmmaker and social worker Livia Montes. He attended film workshops dictated by filmmaker Manuel de Pedro, the french documentalist François Caillat and acclaimed filmmakers Werner Herzog and David Lynch


FINALIST Industry Boost Competition, Short film HALF/LIFE. Miami-Florida, EE.UU. 2017

1º PRIZE Festival de Cine Rural Arica Nativa, Short film Memory of Diving Bell.

Directed by Pablo Zapata & Guadalupe Gómez Verdi. Arica, Chile. 2016

1º PRIZE Municipal David Suárez, Short film Aquí Empezó, Directed by Livia Montes Cineclub Waleker / Cine Penitenciario.

Best Documentary Short film & Best Sound. Edition & Sound Design by Pablo Zapata. Caracas, Venezuela. 2008

1º PRIZE PROVEA, Poster Contest La Masacre de El Amparo. Caracas, Venezuela. 2008 

1º PRIZE Festival de Cortometrajes de Barquisimeto, Short film El Gato Negro, Directed by Adriana Tognella. 

Co-Production, Edition, Animation, Art Direction & Main Role by Pablo Zapata. Barquisimeto, Venezuela. 2007

1º PRIZE III Salón de Arte Digital, Short film Frida en Silencio. Maracaibo, Venezuela. 2004 

1º PRIZE 6º juegos Interfacultades UCV, Poster Contest. Caracas, Venezuela. 2004  



18 International Human Rights Film Festival, Short film HALF/LIFE. Official Exhibition. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2019 

FINCA International Environmental Film Festival, Short film Memory of Diving Bell. Official Exhibition. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2018 

17 International Human Rights Film Festival, Short film HALF/LIFE. Official Selection. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2017 


Industry Boost Competition, Short film HALF/LIFE. Official Selection. Miami, EE.UU. 2017 

Industry Boost Competition, Short film The Circumcision Official Selection. Miami, EE.UU. 2017 

Retransmisión 2ª Muestra de Cine y video Independiente, Short film HALF/LIFE. Official Selection. D.F., México. 2017 

Voices From the Waters International Film Festival, Short film Memory of Diving BellOfficial Selection. Bangalore, India. 2017 

Festival de Cine Rural Arica Nativa, Short film Memory of Diving BellOfficial Selection. Arica, Chile. 2016

Post Mortem International Horror & Bizarre Short Film Fest, Short film REM_01. Official Selection. Aguascalientes, México. 2016

 Horror Online Art Navarra Film Festival  Short film REM_01. Official Selection. Pamplona, España. 2016

Nottingham International Microfilm, Short film The Circumcision. Official Selection. Nottingham, UK. 2015



NO LAND Debut Music Album. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2020 

ANTROPOMORFIA Collective Art Exhibition. Art Curator BardovisualBuenos Aires, Argentina. 2017 

#INSTAKRONOS Gallery Days 2017 Photography Collective Exhibition. Curator Ruben LezcanoBuenos Aires, Argentina. 2017

EL SILENCIO  Photography Collective Exhibition. Curator Ruben Lezcano. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2015


Ph: Julieta Mañe

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